Hyperbitcoinisation describes a state- an ideal- in which all the world’s money has been subsumed into Bitcoin. Transactions are settled in Sats on the Lightning Network or sucessor, and consumer shrinkflation (resizing down products and hoping you don’t notice) or run-of-the-mill inflation are a thing of the past.

In this…

As previously discussed, there are several trustless, decentralised methods of maintaining privacy when performing simple cryptocurrency transactions. These involve moving funds from BTC to privacy coin via dex, perfuming shielded transaction, then unshielding and reverting the dex transaction before the desired final transaction. Whilst privacy can be maintained, there are…

DeFi — the new goldrush — is making headlines as cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors flock to the marketplace. This article (1 of 2) considers DeFi from a layer one (L1) privacy perspective, with the follow-up considering layer two (L2) solutions.

Privacy in Cryptocurrency and DeFi

The umbrella term DeFi covers a range of projects all…

Charlie 21MM

Libertarian. Bitcoin enthusiast. British

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